Jack Lukkerz
Jack Lukkerz
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Jack Lukkerz

Social worker, sexologist

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Social worker, licentiate in social work, authorised specialist in sexological counselling (NACS). 

Social worker, licentiate in social work, authorised specialist in sexological counselling (NACS). 

Do you work with people and have encountered questions about sexuality, relationships or sexual problems? I have extensive experience with supporting professionals in school and social services, as well as healthcare and caretaker services. I offer sexological expertise in the form of:

• Education                • Consultation
• Tutoring                   • Writer services

Areas of competence in sexology

disabilities | migration | youths, young adults, adults | abuse and social vulnerability


How can I support you?

    Most missions start with a conversation. Therefore, let us discuss your particular needs. I customise special courses of various lengths, as well as lectures or speaking assignments in the area of sexology. Longer courses also include theoretical perspectives such as method discussions and elements of consultations in individual cases. I can also tutor or provide consultation for staff, as well as write reports, fact checking texts or tutor report writers on a regular basis.

    Topic suggestions based on themes in lectures

    • Sexuality and disabilities (intellectual, physical)
    • Youths and sexuality
    • Sex and relationships education
    • Sexuality and substance use
    • Sexuality – what is it?
    • Professional approaches and sexuality
    • Sexuality from a societal and cultural perspective
    • Sexuality and norms
    • Sexology – what is it? 
    • Sexological consultation on the internet and via telephone
    • Ethics in sexological work
    • Sexuality in social work
    • Sexual and reproductive health and rights, SRHR
    In his lectures, Jack has a good balance between conversations on values and concrete tips on how you can handle situations that come up everyday in a good manner. I can warmly recommend him.
    — Louise Ardoris, education manager at Attendo NimbusAkademin

    About me

    Peoples' view on sexuality and relationships in a society says a lot about the social norms that reign, norms that affect our conditions to live a good life. I have always been curious about people, our motives, driving forces and approaches. To want to understand why we humans think and do as we do is a strong driving force for me. My upbringing in conservative Poland, escape to Sweden and life as a homosexual person have given me perspective on the world and an openness to the fact that there are always more approaches. 

    Today I work with supporting professionals in their profession. The primary theme throughout my work is a focus on sexuality and relationships strengthening the professional approach towards the people the professionals meet. Writing is an important tool in my work. For example, I was assigned responsibility by RFSU for an anthology with the title Inkludera sexualitet! (Include Sexuality!) and have written Onanipraktika (a handbook on masturbation). I have also developed a knowledge and method support for the county administration of Skåne, written reports and directed others to produce reports. 

    In the mid 90s I started working with sexual health and sexual information. Later I educated myself in social work and worked in that field with addiction treatment in Germany. Then I worked in Sweden with solution-focused short-term therapy, before I began to devote myself full-time to sexual health in the form of health promoting and HIV-preventative work. 

    My interest in sexology took me further in the academy and in 2010 I received a master's in sexology with an essay about sexual contact creation in the entertainment establishment environment. I continued with a two year research education at the current Malmö University and in 2014 submitted a licentiate thesis. In it I study attitudes toward and experiences of sex and cohabitation education with staff in the secondary special school and adult rehabilitation. Since then I often return to tutor student essays at the B- and C-level, among other things. 

    See my full CV on LinkedIn. 

    Jack is engaged, competent and accurate and has a more than good knowledge of sexuality and sexual health, a little like an encyclopaedia. He is a warm person who feels calm and is easy to deal with.
    — Camilla Ivarsson, Project Manager/Sexologist, Sexual Health Program, City of Malmö. The assignment was a tutorial on sexual health and young migrants.

    Employers in selection 

    Stockholms Läns Landsting | Kristianstad kommun | Skolverket | RFSL | Högskolan Väst | Socialförvaltningen Stockholms Stad | Landstinget Gävleborg | Attendo Nimbusakademin, Lund | Veberöds församling – Anhörigcenter Lund | Jämtlands Läns Landsting Folkhälsocentrum | Barn- och ungdomshabiliteringen, Malmö | Nettverk: Funksjonshemmede, seksualitet og samliv, Norge | RFSU | Ålands Fredsinstitut



    I am looking forward to hearing from you. You can call or email me directly. Alternatively, if you fill out the form below I will get in contact with you.

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    We hired Jack Lukkerz for tutoring staff in our LSS care. He was full of experience, knowledge and research, and he turned perspectives to reach more deeply. I also believe that his humility, openness and curiosity attracted many to speak up who would have otherwise remained silent.
    — Maria Lindgren, Coordinator of sexual health and tobacco free Public Health Unit, Jämtland Härjedalen Region